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Maintenance and Repair

Range Mart is a golf distribution and manufacturing company headquartered in San Diego, California. Range Mart has been in business since 1999 supplying golf courses and ranges across the country with operational equipment and supplies.


Since 1999, Range Mart is both a manufacturer of equipment and reseller of golf industry supplies and equipment. In addition to a manufacturer warranty, we provide repair and maintenance service agreements for preventative maintenance and production repair.

Our products vary in material construction including galvanized metal for washer tanks, hot & cold rolled steel for picker frames, expanded metal and aluminum for tee divers, and plastics for picker discs, tees, and ball washers. We make picker drums in many sizes that are constructed with threaded rod end-to-end that are TIG welded for structural integrity; washer brushes fabricated from laser and water jet parts and industrial brush material; we own several aluminum molds used to reproduce our products. That’s all to name a few of our products and processes.

For cutting and design, Range Mart uses industrial water and laser jets. Water jets have pressure pumps that generate powerful streams of water (e.g., 90,000 psi) that cut metals and composite material with CAD-related precision. Our fabrication process is much of what you’d expect from steel products: welding and assembly.

Preventative Maintenance & Repair

Naturally, as a seller of golf equipment, customer support and product repair are important. Range Mart employs and contracts service technicians skilled in fabrication, assembly, diagnostic analysis, and repair. Beyond a one-year warranty to cover possible (but unlikely) manufacturing defects, service contracts are created to support customers who don’t specialize in golf equipment repair. Non-warranty repair generally includes a) break/fix analysis to the component level, b) parts procurement, c) repair, d) testing, and e) redeployment. To reduce operational downtime, temporary and substitute like-kind equipment can be provided in cases of extended repair times.

Additionally, preventative maintenance services are available for routine and scheduled site-visits for equipment maintenance. E.g., drum replacement, bushing/bearing/wheel greasing, fastener inspection, washer & elevator track alignment, and much more. Just as servicing your vehicle for routine maintenance avoids sudden and costly malfunctions, the same is true for your valuable equipment critical to support your customer base and revenue stream.

Contact us to learn more about our maintenance and service agreements at your facility.

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