Improving Your Golf Game In The Cold Winter Months

With the winter season in full swing, the days are shorter, the nights are colder and, depending on where you live, the weather is generally unfavorable. However, colder weather is no reason to hold back on playing golf or working on improving your game. With many courses staying open during the “off-season” and many alternative methods of practicing, we compiled our top 5 ways in which you can continue working on improving your handicap — even in winter.

1. Just Keep Playing!

It might be the offseason, but many clubs stay open during the winter. And, with the weather permitting, it can often not only be playable but also very enjoyable. The courses will be far less crowded and with the right gear, you can stay toasty warm. Invest in some warmer clothing, get yourself some all weather gloves, ditch the cart and walk to keep your blood flowing and your limbs limber. It might be cold or sometimes even a tiny bit unpleasant, but come spring time you’ll be benefiting from all the extra practice.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you need to be realistic about your game in winter weather. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to just head out and shoot under your handicap. The focus here should be on improving your game and enjoying yourself. Not shooting the best score of your life. After all, golfing is first and foremost about having fun.

2. Head Somewhere Warmer.

Consider heading towards warmer climates or even some where tropical, like Hawaii, for a little golfing vacation. Many people head abroad during the winter season to escape the bad weather anyway. So, why not just combine your hobby and your holidays into one? Since golf is played around the world, it won’t be difficult for you to find a destination that suits both your family’s needs and your desire to continuously work on your golf game over the winter. It’s a win-win for everyone.

3. The Driving Range

The evolution of the driving range has allowed for golfers to practice their game at an unprecedented level. Many modernized driving ranges have heated stalls and there are also a number of indoor driving ranges across the globe. Both of which are perfect for practicing your shots in comfort during this winter. Although don’t expect to be able to hit your driver and fairway woods the full distance indoors.

4. Practice At Home

There’s plenty of ways to practice at home. You can work on your grip as regularly as you want, even while watching TV! Consider getting yourself a weighted club and practice your swing in your garage. Many coaches advise that you get a weighted club and practice for a short time every single day as it can really do a great deal of good for your wrist and arm strength.

For those of you into technology, get yourself a golf simulator! While obviously still nothing like the real thing, technology progresses every year, now being able to give you some great practice in your own living room.

5. Keep Fit

Keeping fit is just good overall advice in general. It’s easy to get out of shape during the winter when trying to simply stay warm and comfortable at home with friends and family. So why not sign up to a local gym? Not only should you be looking to try and keep in shape anyway, but losing a bit of fat, working on your cardio and adding more muscle mass will always benefit you on the course.

So there you have it. The weather might be cold, the sun might be setting early and it might be the offseason, but you don’t have to put your golf clubs away until the spring. There’s plenty you could still be doing to improve your game!