Due to the size weight and shape variation of our products, shipping charges cannot be calculated prior to packaging. We work to package your order in the best way possible to minimize shipping charges. Once the order is boxed and a shipping label is generated, the shipping charges are added to the order.

Such items as metal bag stands are very large relative to their weight. FedEx ground charges extra because the size of the box. As a result, 5 or 6 bag stands ship for about the same price as 1 bag stand. Flag sticks are the same way. Because of their length, there is a surcharge. A box of 9 flag sticks cost little more to ship than 1 flag stick. Then, the worst situation involves orders for 1 flag stick and 1 bag stand. They must be shipped in different boxes, each of which has special charges associated with it. Also note that FedEx charges more to ship to a home than a business.

So, if you order small easy to pack items such as rubber tees, bags, baskets other than X-Large and Utility, flags, tokens, balls, most pyramids and trays, etc, everything goes pretty smooth. With items like bag stands, flag sticks and utility baskets, we will do our best to package them up for you. Ordering a full box of any of these items will certainly help. If you are ordering additional products with them we will certainly do what we can to put them in the same box.

You can always call or email us for suggestions on products that can be combined in a box. We can give you a rough estimate of shipping. However, as mentioned above, we have to put the order in boxes before we can provide a specific shipping cost.

We generally use FedEx ground. When shipping overseas or to Hawaii and Alaska we evaluate shipping with the U.S. Postal Service. This can provide great saving. If we use the U.S. Postal Service We charge $10 fee for the first box and $5 for each additional box to cover the cost of going to Post Office and filling out paperwork.