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Sure Putt Practice Green System


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Putting to the smaller cup — 3 in. diameter compared to a regulation cup of 4 1/4 in. diameter dramatically helps focus the golfer’s aim and trains them to make a more accurate putting stroke. The Sure Putt Practice Green System is a complete system that is widely regarded as the finest putting aid for any level of golfer. Offered at a tremendous value, it includes:

  • A Hole Cutter designed to cut a 3 in. (8 cm) wide by 3 1/2 (9 cm) deep hole.
  • 3 metal putting cups, 3 (8 cm) x 3 1/2 in. (9 cm).
  • Cup puller.
  • A sign to explain how the system works.

Complete Sure Putt System (includes Hole Cutter, 3 Cups, Sign and Cup Puller)

Individual putting cup also available.

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Putting cup only, Complete Sure Putt System


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