PRISM Tapered Fiberglass Tournament Flagsticks

Presenting two ways to make laser distance measuring devices easier to use and more accurate on your golf course. Our Prism Flagsticks integrate the reflecting prisms into the body of the flagstick while our PinSite Reflector screws onto the flagstick in place of the acorn nut.

  • For use with all laser golf distance measuring devices including Bushnell, Laser Link, Leupold, Nikon, Callaway and others.
  • Premium glass prisms for maximum accuracy.
  • Prism Flagsticks, 3/4 in. tapered,are machine drilled, allowing precise insertion of prisms.
  • PinSite Reflector, constructed of nylon so threads won’t seize to the top of the flagstick.
  • Sold in sets of nine.
  • Solid color $81.00 each. British Stripe $84.00 each