///HomeRange “Par” Package

HomeRange “Par” Package

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Range Mart HomeRange kits are perfect for your backyard practice sessions. Choose from three different component and price points packages. These kits utilize the same professional quality items found at high end golf ranges and golf courses.

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The Par Package features:
1. Par-cage that includes a one piece boardered nylon net that is 10′ high by 10″ deep and 10′ wide. All corners are reinforced and include steel corner brackets and hook and loop straps for easy take down. You will need to purchase the piping seperatly.

2. UltraMat, as seen on the Golf Channel, gives true fairway feel and iron backspin allowing you to hit down and through the ball.

 3. Rubber Tee Pac, 27 tees in 9 different sizes for all types of ball striking. All tees made to fit the Ultra Mat.

4. Ballshag Tube, save on your back while picking up your practice balls. Holds 20 balls. 



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