HomeRange “Eagle” Package

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Range Mart HomeRange kits are perfect for your backyard practice sessions. Choose from three different component and price points packages. These kits utilize the same professional quality items found at high end golf ranges and golf courses.

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1. The “Pro-Cage” features the Heavy Duty Net of “Power Cage” and the steel frame of the “Par-Cage”. This standard 10′ High x 10′ Deep x 10′ Wide is height adjustable and perfect for year round use in or outdoors. “The Pro-Cage” comes with the net built in one piece with rope edges and the baffle net is stitched into both sides and top. Velcro straps are used to wrap around the net and frame for quick setup and take down.

2. UltraMat, as seen on the Golf Channel, gives true fairway feel and iron backspin allowing you to hit down and through the ball.
3. Rubber Tee Pac, 27 tees in 9 different sizes for all typs of ball striking situtations. All tees made to fit the UltraMat.

4. Shag Bag Ranger, a quick way to pick up range balls. The ranger holds 100 balls.

5. Ball Tray, Range Mart ball tray holds 75 balls and snugs up to the UltraMat.

6. Target, 3X3 nylon target fits the back of the cage.

 7. Bag Stand, durable tubular steel construction with flat top finished in green is the perfect finishing touch to your home range. 






































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