• Poly: impervious to rusting and
  • Maximum UV protection added to prevent brittleness and
  • Capacity: 9 gal. (34.1 liter) also accepts trash bag
  • Windproof, snap-on lids available in three styles, all Black: solid (no opening) to resist pests, trash opening and “Cans Only”
  • Convenient attachment to ball washer pipe reduces number of objects to be moved before
  • Flexible design allows you to add a second receptacle for
  • Stackable/nesting design  saves  storage
  • Mounting hoops are pre-treated for added protection and then powder-coated.Molded in Blue — the familiar color of recycling bins — these durable Trash Mate Receptacles help golfers separate recycling from trash.

    SUPER TIP: Use Armor All® to clean and keep looking new. Stagger double and single trash units every other hole.